Reach More Prospects with Video

It’s a fun, easy way to grow customer confidence in your services

Looking to make a bigger impact with your marketing efforts? Many contractors are turning to video, which they are using to connect with customers and prospects on websites and social media channels such as YouTube and Facebook.

And contrary to what might be popular belief, video production does not need to be difficult or time-consuming. In fact, all you really need is a cell phone.

Rodrigo Vasconcellos of Palette Pro Painting and Renovation in White Plains, New York, posts videos they have created on their website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel. The company uses them to demonstrate capabilities, such as anti-COVID-19 disinfectant application which they added to their repertoire last year. They also use video to highlight accomplishments, such as awards the company has won, or simply to showcase a successful home project.

“I think nowadays, people enjoy watching video a lot more than reading content on a website,” says Vasconcellos. “It really clicks with our customers.”

Vasconcellos also uses video to demonstrate processes.

“You kind of get a time-lapse, step-by-step demonstration,” he says. “Then we shorten it to less than two minutes and add some music to make it fun.

“I think our videos have turned out great,” he adds. “We have a lot more going on in the near future but the ones we have on our website already are getting a ton of comments. It’s fun and at the same time it’s useful for our clients.”

Chuck Kocinski of Paint Medics, Inc., in Parma, Ohio, is also a believer in the benefits of video marketing. The company has posted more than 50 videos to the company website, and they run the gamut from two-minute customer testimonials to shorter videos that simply demonstrate the team at work in various skill sets and tasks. Kocinski says the demo videos are a valuable tool in boosting customer confidence in the company’s ability to perform the job properly.

“Video content on social media offers a front row seat to our potential customers,” he says. “It gives us that exposure that we need. They get to see the prep work and what’s involved in the entire process. A lot of times people don’t realize all that goes on behind the scenes when it comes to a quality paint job. When we showcase all of that stuff, it eases their mind and answers a lot of their questions.”

While Kocinski has hired professional videographers for premium showcase videos, most are simply shot with cell phones at a jobsite. And not only does it help in customer-facing marketing efforts; the videos help Kocinski put a mirror to his own operations.

“Shooting videos is very simple and very rewarding,” he reports. “You take a couple minutes out of your schedule to shoot a video and you get to see exactly what you look like and how you perform. It really puts you in the customer’s seat.”

And if the larger purpose is to build customer confidence in his company’s services, Kocinski believes he’s doing video right.

“A lot of times before I show up to the jobsite people tell me, ‘Yes, I’ve seen the video that you have up on Facebook, or on your website. We’ve seen you doing the work, and we’re curious to see what you’re capable of doing at our house.’”

Tips for Creating Successful Videos

  • Appropriate lighting and sound can be big difference makers in the quality of your videos and the impression they’ll make on viewers. Make sure your subject is well-lit, as is any work you’ll be showing or demonstrating. Additionally, do your best to eliminate distracting environmental noise sources, and ensure that subjects speaking can be heard clearly. A microphone (many are available in the $25-$75 range) can help ensure quality audio.
  • If you are producing video from a jobsite, be sure to obtain written permission from homeowners or property owners to shoot and share the video, as well as written consent from anyone, including employees, who will appear on video.
  • The internet is overflowing with tools, apps and templates that can help you create professional-looking videos right from the start. Start with a simple Google search, such as “Social media video tools,” and you’ll be on your way to finding all the resources you’ll need to create successful videos.