Bercom Handy Pro Pail

Handy Pro Pail- The Handy Pro Pail is built to attack larger projects with ease and confidence. Boasting a sturdy design, the feature-rich Handy Pro Pail can be used with a 6.5-inch mini-roller or 3-inch brush. Great for professional painters looking to maximize efficiency.

The Handy Pro Pail is designed to accommodate up to a 6.5-inch mini-roller or 3-inch paintbrush and can hold more than a quart of paint or stain, making it a must-have product for painting contractors.  Features include a comfortable adjustable strap that prevents hand fatigue for painters tackling tough projects, as well as a mini-roller handle rest and a magnet to hold your paintbrush. Like many of HP Co.’s popular painting accessories, the Handy Pro Pail also has custom-fit liners available for purchase. The Handy Pro Pail and Liners are manufactured in the United States from 100% recycled materials, are solvent resistant to allow painters to work with any paint or stain and make color changes a breeze while eliminating unnecessary cleanup time. Learn more about HP Co’s. other products by visiting