Buffalo Industries

Buffalo Industries XL Waterproof Shoe and Boot Covers fit large work boots, and protect both flooring and footwear.

SURLY Soap has an embedded scrubber which thoroughly cleans painters’ and contractors’ hands.

Buffalo’s Painter’s Rags are washed, white, cotton t-shirt wipers. They are absorbent, consistent, colorfast and low-linting… painters’ preference.

XL Waterproof Shoe and Boot Covers
Heavy-duty water barrier in flooded situations, protecting flooring and footwear. Durable, textured, plastic material. Low-profile, extra-large to fit over work boots. Elastic top and bottom. Available in 10 pair bags and 40 pair boxes.

SURLY Soap – Aggressive Cleansing Bars
Innovative hand soap for removing paint, dirt and grease, with a tough, embedded scrubbing pad. Built-in finger rail scours stubborn grime. Available in aggressive scour power bars and mini bars.

Buffalo Painter’s Rags
Painter’s Rags are washed, recycled, white, cotton t-shirt wipers. All consistent cotton fabric: absorbent, colorfast, low-linting… painters’ preference. Generously cut in large usable-sized pieces. They are ideal for painting, staining, varnishing, and general jobsite and tool cleanup. More durable than paper. Available in 4, 8, 20 and 40 lb. boxes. Dispensing holes allow pulling out just one rag at a time. Boxes are durable and convenient to move jobsite-to-jobsite.