The Next Generation: These Contractor Favorites Are Now Better Than Ever

The Next Generation: These Contractor Favorites Are Now Better Than Ever

If you’re like most professional painting contractors, you have your go-to products, those you rely on job after job after job. So it’s good to know that paint suppliers are continually looking for new ways to improve these coatings. This article is a roundup of contractor favorites that have recently been reformulated with “Next Generation” upgrades.

SuperPaint® Interior Acrylic Latex

The next generation SuperPaint Interior Acrylic Latex delivers excellent hide to help make color changes quickly and easily.

A paint and primer in one, the coating delivers a smoother, more uniform appearance designed for fast and easy application to help save professionals time and energy. SuperPaint features excellent scrubbability, washability and durability to complete the toughest interior residential and commercial projects.

“Through conversations and research, we know professionals are looking for an interior coating that maintains the premium application appearance they love and is still easy to apply,” says Rick Watson, director of product information and technical services at Sherwin-Williams. “SuperPaint delivers on those expectations with enhanced hiding capabilities and consistent color for a rich, beautiful appearance time and time again.”

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Tuff Surface™ Premium Texture Finish

The next generation Tuff Surface Premium Texture Finish delivers an even more appealing knockdown, spatter or orange peel texture finish to hide imperfections, helping to create inviting spaces and save professionals time.

The mildew-resistant coating is easily applied with airless and conventional texture spray equipment to deliver lasting results, ideal for hotels and other high-traffic spaces.

“Pros who work on projects in segments such as hospitality are asking for a coating that creates a scrubbable premium knockdown texture quickly and easily,” Watson says. “The next generation Tuff Surface coating does exactly that while covering up blemishes for striking results in every type of space, from a lobby to a gym.”

Tuff Surface hides various imperfections and is an excellent option for application over uneven or damaged sound surfaces. It is more reliable and cost-effective than traditional methods of creating textures that require a primer and topcoat. Excellent “hang” properties keep Tuff Surface clinging to the wall until it is knocked down to the desired texture.

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ProClassic® Interior Waterbased Acrylic-Alkyd Enamel

Sherwin-Williams has launched its next generation ProClassic Interior Waterbased Acrylic-Alkyd Enamel in satin and semi-gloss sheens. The high-quality formula has alkyd performance with acrylic properties, but unlike conventional alkyds, it features non-yellowing characteristics and water clean-up.

“ProClassic is a durable coating that has the look and feel of an alkyd finish, but in the convenience of an acrylic-alkyd water-based formula for enhanced durability and improved appearance,” Watson says. “Our new formulations are perfect for those areas where professionals expect to get a durable finish and a richer look that can be maintained in every type of project from a home’s built-in bookshelf to the window and door trim at an office.”

The next generation ProClassic product provides excellent flow and leveling capabilities to achieve a smooth and durable finish for doors, windows, trim, furniture and other interior residential and commercial areas. The coating can be applied to drywall, wood, metal, concrete and masonry surfaces.

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ProClassic® Waterborne Interior Acrylic Enamel

Looking for the benefits of water-based enamel, but don’t want to sacrifice adhesion and durability? ProClassic® Acrylic Latex is the perfect choice. It delivers a high-performing, non-yellowing finish that withstands even the toughest wear and tear. A wet and dry hide allows you to apply fewer coats – saving valuable time and money.

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