illustration of kitchen, bathroom, and living room – the 3 times to push for a paint upgrade

3 Times to Upgrade: A Strategic Guide to Coating Selection

Studies show that customers are more than willing to pay for paint upgrades. The key is to make sure they understand the features and benefits of the premium product – and the added value it provides. There are many ways to sell upgrades to your customers. Here are three to get you started:

1. Kitchens

Upgrade to Emerald® Interior Acrylic Latex Paint to offer advanced stain blocking on wall surfaces in kitchens.

2. Bathrooms

Upgrade to Duration Home® Interior Acrylic Latex Paint to offer a coating that inhibits the growth of mold and mildew on the painted surfaces in bathrooms.

3. Family Rooms

Upgrade to Harmony® Interior Acrylic Latex Paint to offer odor-eliminating technology that helps reduces ambient odors in family rooms.

Strategic benefits of coating upgrades

Keep in mind: The paint’s performance – not the price – is your customer’s main concern. So be sure to include a quote for premium products in addition to your standard quote whenever the room calls for it.

Four of the main benefits of incorporating this premium coating upgrade strategy into your estimating process:

  • Maximizes your profits
  • Allows you to charge more for better-performing finishes
  • Enables you to turn jobs faster and save by using fewer coats
  • Helps increase referrals thanks to your demonstrated expertise recommending and using better-performing paint

This article was originally published in the Fall 2016 issue of PPC magazine. Visit the Sherwin-Williams online product catalog for more coatings product information, data sheets, customer reviews, how-to videos and more.