With the ColorSnap Visualizer mobile app, customers can scan the new 2-by-3-inch color chip with their iPhone or Android smart phone for instant access to room scenes featuring that color, options for coordinating colors, and more.

5 Ways ColorSnap Will Make Choosing Color Easier

Helping your customers choose color just got easier, thanks to the latest innovation from Sherwin-Williams. ColorSnap® is the most comprehensive, integrated color selection system the company has ever offered. Here are five ways the new system will help you and your customers make more confident and efficient paint color selections.

1. New and improved in-store display

You and your customers can explore color in an entirely new way with the interactive, in-store ColorSnap Studio display. This first-of-its-kind in-store display groups color by family (such as red, yellow or blue), then displays color by saturation level from bright to neutral. There’s also a new category just for whites.

Each color family is set on one of 24 rotating panels. By turning a panel, customers can see a curated selection of nearly 50 paint chips of specific colors within that color family – making the selection process simple and fun.

As part of the new display, a central work area will be added for customers to arrange and review their color choices, explore Sherwin- Williams color tools and interact with store experts.

2. More colors, improved groupings

The engine at the heart of the ColorSnap system is more than 1,500 carefully curated hues regrouped by family to improve the color selection process. You’ll find your favorite Sherwin-Williams colors are still there, now complemented by nearly 200 new colors to round out the palette.

Among other improvements, neutrals, whites and subtle grays will be bundled together for the first time. Sherwin-Williams conducted extensive testing to ensure the new ColorSnap system would improve the overall customer experience. During in-store testing, customers on average found their paint color of choice in 60 percent less time than with the previous display.

3. Bigger, better take-home tools

The display also features new 2-by-3-inch take-home color chips – rather than strips, so you and your customers can get a bigger, better idea of how colors will look in their space.

You’ll also be able to browse and take home nine new color guides and 12 postcards that are designed to inspire, educate and simplify color selection.

New fan decks will also be available in stores in the first quarter of 2016. Showcased within a durable case that’s easy to open and close, with an elastic band to keep it secure, the new fan decks will also include a sheen and gloss and ColorPrime gray-shade primers reference guides.

4. Enhanced digital color tools

The all-new system includes a refreshed and integrated online set of tools including ColorSnap Visualizer for iPhone, iPad and Android, plus online at sherwin-williams.com.

The tools allow users to explore color before ever picking up a paintbrush. With the mobile app, customers can scan the new 2-by-3-inch color chip with their iPhone or Android smart phone for instant access to room scenes featuring that color, options for coordinating colors, and more.

ColorSnap Visualizer also enables you to match a color in a photo to a specific Sherwin-Williams color, so you can virtually paint a room or simply browse details on the full range of Sherwin-Williams colors. The iPad app also features inspirational room scenes that showcase expert color picks.

ColorSnap apps are available for your iPhone, Android or iPad. A desktop version of ColorSnap Visualizer is available at sherwin-williams.com/visualizer.

5. Accurate and Consistent Color

The ColorSnap system is powered by ColorSnap Precision, our proprietary technology for ensuring exceptional color accuracy and consistency. From initial product formulation to final tinting in any one of our 4,000-plus stores, ColorSnap Precision provides gallon to gallon color control for precise color matching and reliable touch-up.

Bottom line

The comprehensive new ColorSnap system is designed to work how you work: in-office, on-site, online, or in-store. Stop by your neighborhood Sherwin-Williams store, or learn more online at swcolorsnap.com.