Paint helps create the look in the lobby of a trendsetting new apartment project in central Florida

Fall 2016

illustration for 2016 national painting week survey infographic 20 Major Takeaways from National Paint Survey - In conjunction with National Painting Week, a survey of more than 1,200 homeowners was conducted in April 2016 on behalf of Sherwin-Williams by the Nielsen research company.
Paint helps create the look in the lobby of a trendsetting new apartment project in central Florida The Rialto: The Painting of a Trendsetting Apartment Project - Orlando is known as “The City Beautiful,” so it stands to reason that any new construction in the central Florida city is held to an extremely high standard.
Photo of a high-aesthetic lobby requiring a smooth finish and outstanding stain resistance More Paint Power: The Benefits of Using Pro Industrial™ Products - High performance coatings enable you to go above and beyond to do your best work and ensure customer satisfaction.
photo of Paul Jordan Contractor Q&A: Paul Jordan - PPC sat down with Paul Jordan, owner of HTD Painting in San Francisco, to find out the secrets of his company’s success.
illustration of kitchen, bathroom, and living room – the 3 times to push for a paint upgrade 3 Times to Upgrade: A Strategic Guide to Coating Selection - Studies show that customers are more than willing to pay for paint upgrades. The key is to make sure they understand the features and benefits of the premium product – and the added value it provides.
7 red flags 7 Red Flags That Your Company Needs a Service Overhaul - These days, it’s all too easy to assume customers are delighted while, in reality, they often have one foot out the door with an eye trained on one of your many competitors.
photo of paint peeling off a 100-year-old farmhouse How to Beat the Peel: Proper Techniques for Prepping Home Exteriors - Answers to pro painters’ most pressing questions by Rick Watson
Randy Fornoff, MTS Painting and Property Services, of Mesa, Arizona. Taking the Family Business to the Next Level - Like many professional painting contractors, Randy Fornoff learned the painting trade by working in his father’s company. Now he and his brothers are running the family business,
SpecExpress software Use This Free Specification Writing Tool to Determine the Right Coating System for Your Job - As a professional painting contractor, you know that no two jobs are the same. A wide range of factors often need to be considered to select the proper paint.
ColorSnap Visualizer app on Android Take Control of Color Selection with Enhanced ColorSnap® Visualizer Apps - From painting custom room scenes to comparing colors and matching photos, the newly enhanced ColorSnap® Visualizer apps help make color selection faster and easier than ever.
Gary Mason Contractor Q&A: Gary Mason - PPC sat down with Gary Mason, owner of A.I.P. Painters in Franklin Grove, Illinois, to learn the secrets of his company’s success.
A high-exposure school laboratory that requires heavy-duty protection Do You Really Need High Performance Coatings? - In a word: Yes. As a pro painter, you know that coatings aren’t one-size-fits-all.
Volunteers worked with the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation to renovate the Philadelphia Athletic Recreation Center. Philadelphia Community Center Beneficiary of 2016 Blitz Build Project - Every spring, thousands of architects and designers converge in a different city at the annual American Institute of Architects (AIA) Convention. And, every year since 2011, a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation called AEC Cares brings manufacturers, sponsors and volunteers together to donate time and materials to a “blitz build” project that helps the host community.