SpecExpress software

Use This Free Specification Writing Tool to Determine the Right Coating System for Your Job

As a professional painting contractor, you know that no two jobs are the same. A wide range of factors often need to be considered to select the proper paint. SpecExpress™ from Sherwin-Williams aims to make the paint selection process simple and fast.

Create custom specs

This free online specification writing tool helps you create paint specifications based on the unique criteria of each project. It allows you to select the right product for the job after you enter information such as location, sheen and substrate.

Here’s how it works

After SpecExpress narrows down the paint selection options, it produces a paint specification document with coating options that meet the performance, durability and aesthetic requirements of a commercial or residential project.

Once completed, a SpecExpress specification can be downloaded as a Word, WP or RTF file. Written in the CSI format, the specification can be used in its entirety or added to a project master specification, and includes only products that meet the criteria for each project. The 3-part CSI also includes a list of paired primers and topcoats.

Time-saving technology

“Time is a precious commodity, and SpecExpress helps you maximize it by easily and quickly narrowing down paint selection options to meet aesthetic, durability and performance requirements for your projects,” says Kristin McNamara, commercial segment marketing director, Sherwin-Williams.

This article was originally published in the Fall 2016 issue of PPC magazine. For more information about this free online specification tool, visit SWSpecExpress.com or call 1-800-524-5979.