Top New Tools for Pro Painters in 2022

In this article, we take our annual look at all the best new equipment and supplies available for pro painters. This year, that includes slip-resistant drop cloths, cutting-edge lift-assist ladder technology, higher-quality production tape, new and improved color matching tools and much more.

Trimaco Slip-Resistant Drop Cloths

Slip-resistant drop cloths are key to providing safety on the job. A new line of professional-quality drop cloths from Trimaco have orange thread stitched along the outside edges so you can easily see which drop is slip-resistant while on the job.

Contractors can choose from three options:

  • The Stay Put Canvas Plus drop cloth is 300 percent more slip resistant than traditional 8-ounce canvas drop cloths. It has an additional layer of plastic, making it leak- resistant to all paints and stains.
  • The Eliminator drop cloth is 225 percent more slip resistant and 20 percent more drapable than the traditional 10-ounce heavy duty canvas drop cloth. This heavy-duty painter’s drop cloth is made of a durable material on both sides to provide the ultimate leak proof protection that stays put where you place it, making it great for slippery floors and even stairs.
  • The Smart Grip drop cloth is 120 percent more slip resistant than a traditional 8-ounce canvas drop cloth. It’s lightweight and easy to handle, while still providing durability and dependable surface protection. For maximum leak protection and to reduce tracking and slipping, use the non-woven side up and the coated, grippy side down.

FrogTape® ProGrade Orange Painter’s Tape

When it comes to production painting, you need a tape that sticks until the job’s done.

New FrogTape ProGrade Orange Painter’s Tape is a performance upgrade over traditional beige production tape.

For new residential work, it offers high adhesion and quick stick to a variety of surfaces, even in hot and humid conditions.

On residential repaint jobs, the conformable backing makes it easy to use on interior and exterior applications like masking light fixtures, doorways and windows, or hanging poly for protection while spraying.

Pro Grade Orange is easy to apply and removes cleanly without shredding for three days, making it the only production painter’s tape you need to get the job done.

Pro Grade Orange provides yet another masking option and price point for professional painters. It does not contain the patented PaintBlock Technology that you will find on other FrogTape products such as Multi-Surface, Delicate Surface and others.

Whether you’re taping off baseboards, trim and walls for basic painting applications, or creating decorative patterns, the FrogTape family of masking tapes make it easy to achieve professional-looking results.

FibaTape® Wall Repair Fabric

FibaTape Wall Repair Fabric is a self-adhesive wall repair fabric recommended for reinforcing and repairing drywall or plaster walls.

The strong fiberglass mesh prevents cracks from spreading and is perfect for recurring cracks in plaster or stucco.

This product may also be used for spiderweb cracking, peeled drywall, damage from wallpaper/tile removal or pet marks and scratches. The six-inch width is ideal for cracks that branch in multiple directions.

The fabric is self-adhesive for easy application, and its unique anti-propagation qualities ensure that repairs last.

Werner® Glidesafe™ Fiberglass Extension Ladder

The new Glidesafe Fiberglass Extension Ladder was built with safety in mind.

The Glidesafe Lift Assist Technology makes it up to 50 percent easier to extend versus a traditional extension ladder, eliminating back and arm strain. The built-in speed-control lowering assist helps to ensure a smooth, easy descent and prevents slamming and rope burns.

In addition, Glidesafe features a dual locking system to help prevent ladder extension during transport. Non-conductive rails also make this ladder ideal for working near electricity.

With a duty rating of 300 pounds, the ladder is durable and long-lasting. The exclusive Alflo rung joint means Twist-Proof performance on the job. The Traction-tread tri rungs are slip-resistant, and the side rails are interlocking.

The dual action feet are for use on hard or penetrable surfaces and swivel easily. The durable rail shield bracket and shoe help protect the bottom of the rail. The fly section rails are pre-pierced at the top for easy field installation of accessories.

The Werner Glidesafe is available in five different lengths: 20, 24, 28, 32 and 40 feet.

Purdy® Elite™ Cub brushes

Purdy has been making high-quality brushes with professionals in mind since 1925. When it comes to brush choice, the shorter the handle, the easier it is to paint tight spots and corners. With this in mind, Purdy has expanded its short-handle brush options.

Two long-time favorites of the professional contractor are now available in short-handle style: the Purdy Chinex® Elite™ Cub and the Purdy Clearcut® Elite™ Cub.

The short handles easily maneuver into small or tight spaces and are easy to control, making these lightweight brushes perfect for precision work around molding, trim, corners and ceilings.

The Clearcut Elite™Cub brush offers the ultimate performance and cut-in ability with a stiffer bristle formulation for thicker coatings. Great for low-VOC and latex paints and primers, the ultra-stiff nylon- and polyester-blend bristles provide clean and straight lines for years.

The Chinex Elite Cub provides fast application, excellent cleanability, and contains extra-stiff 100 percent Dupont Chinex filaments for durability. Pre-flagged for better coverage and fast application, these brushes continue to self-flag for a continued smooth finish for the life of the brush. They offer greater pick-up and smooth release for heavy-bodied, low-VOC paint.

Kabosh™ Paint Odor Eliminator

Paint odor is a common worksite complaint. SYMN Industries, manufacturers of Paint SCENTsations, has a new solution.

Kabosh Paint Odor Eliminator is a new paint additive that eliminates 75 to 90 percent of paint odors.

Simply add Kabosh to paint to eliminate paint smell so painted interiors can be occupied sooner. Once the paint is applied, the Kabosh! molecules attach themselves to the paint vapors, causing them to fall away undetected.

This product works in most paints, stains, primers, epoxies and other surface coatings. Using this product will not affect paint adhesion, hardness or performance.

Kabosh is ideal for contractors painting in occupied buildings such as hospitals, office buildings, hotels and schools. It’s also good for any home interior where you want to minimize post-project odor concerns.

It is available in several sizes, including a 1⁄2-oz. packet, 10-ounce bottle, 32-ounce bottle, 1-gallon pump, 5-gallon jug, 35-gallon drum and 55-gallon drum.

Uniflex® One Flash Permanent Roof Repair Sealant

At some point, commercial contractors, property managers and residential painters may all find the need to patch and repair damages to horizontal surfaces and roofs. New Uniflex One Flash provides a wide variety of uses and applications for painting professionals seeking innovative solutions that make their jobs easier.

Uniflex One Flash is a one-component, flashing-grade roof sealant designed for single-step application to seal and patch multiple areas and types of roof surfaces. This product eliminates the need for fabric reinforcement, resulting in less steps and reduced labor time.

Designed to seal and patch multiple areas and types of roof surfaces, One Flash provides excellent adhesion to substrates and can coat and be topcoated with traditional acrylic and silicone roof coatings. The product remains flexible and strong after application and holds up to standing water.

With its easy application by brush or caulking gun, this single-step, permanent roof repair sealant is designed to save time and give you superior results. It’s available in gray or white.

Trimaco Pull Over Paint Pants

Most paint pants available today are designed to be worn on the job and are then disposed of right after the job. What if there was a pull over option that fit over your work clothes and work boots that was also lightweight, reusable and washable?

Trimaco has just the answer with its new Pull Over Paint Pants.

Designed with 100 percent polyester, these pants are lightweight, breathable and anti-static. Slip on over shorts or other clothes to protect them when needed.

These pull over pants feature six functional pockets and a hammer loop to conveniently hold brushes, rags and tools. The elastic waist stretches from 28 inches to 43 inches to create a customized fit for most painters.

These versatile pants can be used for a wide range of paint jobs including exterior or interior residential, commercial and spray booths. Reusable and lint free, they can be machine washed to remove dirt, dust and other airborne particles.

Although not necessary, sometimes your PPE just needs a good wash. For best results, wash separately on low and use cold or warm water as high heat can break down fibers and damage the fabric. To prevent shrinking and static build up, hang dry.

Jump to 5:03 in the video to watch Nick Slavik’s Trimaco Pull Over Pants review on Ask a Painter

ColorSnap® Match Pro

Contractors are always looking for new ways to help their customers get the most accurate color matches on their painting projects.

The Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap Match Pro is the latest color scanning technology to help pros scan and find colors, as well as match, coordinate, and find complement colors.

ColorSnap Match Pro allows you to scan smooth or textured surfaces, and recognizes the contribution of sheen on color for more accurate matches. It provides more robust and accurate matching of all Sherwin-Williams colors, including Emerald Designer Edition colors.

Equipped with its own light source to ensure precise color scanning, ColorSnap Match Pro pairs with the free ColorSnap Match App on iOS and Android devices.

The smaller, single-component design is perfect for residential repaint use and makes tenant improvement and other projects requiring color matching easier. The self-contained calibration means there are no parts to lose.

ColorSnap Match Pro is the latest addition to the Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap system of in-store and digital tools designed to deliver a fast, seamless and simple color-selection experience.

This article was originally published in the Summer 2022 issue of PPC magazine. ©2022 Northbrook Publishing. Sherwin-Williams is a one-stop source for everything you need for all your projects. Stop by your local store or visit their online paint equipment catalog to get the best tools for your jobs.