Speed and Finish

Airless handhelds are ideal for multi-family maintenance.

When multi-family property managers are faced with painting projects, they want a fast solution that’s reliable and delivers a professional appearance.

Airless handheld spraying provides the ideal solution for property managers and the maintenance teams tasked with these challenges, according to Dan Johnson, Global Total Markets Manager for the Pro Paint segment at Graco®.

Property managers and their maintenance teams are in and out of smaller tasks and have lots of different painting projects that they have to tackle,” says Johnson. “They can turn smaller jobs faster with an airless handheld sprayer and the smooth even finish complements the portability benefit. They have to get projects done fast so residents can resume using the space.”

Johnson notes that applications using an airless sprayer are completed up to 10 times faster than using a brush, and up to four times faster than roller applications on similar surfaces.

Graco’s UltimateTM Handheld sprayers are extremely portable and highly productive, providing extended spray time and the power and freedom to spray anywhere. Johnson suggests that projects requiring 3 gallons of paint or less are best suited for the Graco Ultimate line.

For the property manager and their maintenance team, it’s a matter of simplicity,” says Johnson. “They have many different types of projects to handle so it’s important to have a versatile tool that’s easy to use. Airless spraying provides the flexibility to work with a variety of materials. It’s that easy.

Airless handhelds are the fastest way to finish small painting jobs,” he adds. “The Graco line of Ultimate Handheld Sprayers delivers exactly what maintenance teams need to get the job done quickly so they can move on to the next job.”