Recruitment & Retention: How to get better at networking to make better hires

Recruitment & Retention: How to Get Better at Networking to Make Better Hires

Friends, family, employees and colleagues are great places to look when you’re hiring. But are you making the most of your network?

PPC sat down with Art Snarzyk, a former painting contractor whose firm InnerView Advisors helps small businesses attract, hire and retain the best people. He outlined three steps to get the most from your network.

1. Know exactly what you’re looking for

“The people around you want to help,” says Snarzyk. “You just need to show them how.”

The key is to make it easy for them to identify your ideal candidate. You can do this by providing a clear description of the traits and values you’re seeking.

“My clients do this with descriptive job advertisements,” he says. “The goal is to include enough traits and attributes to make someone say, ‘This is me,’ or ‘I know someone who would love this.’”

2. Rethink your idea of the ‘perfect painter’

“I challenge you to open your mind about what makes a great painter,” Snarzyk says. “With some forward thinking and planning, you can set up your business with great tradespeople to capitalize on future growth.”

Ask yourself: “What are the traits and skills and passions of my most valuable people?” Describe ideal candidates: what they love, how they work. Then do the same for your company: your work environment, who you serve, what you believe in.

3. Let the world know

Once you know what you want, share it with everyone. Some companies are hesitant about sharing job openings with current clients, vendors and friends, in fear of sounding new or desperate.

“With a nicely-written job ad, you have no need to be concerned or embarrassed,” Snarzyk says. “These people already like you and want to help you succeed. Your job ad should teach them how to keep an eye out for you. Share it like you’re selling Amway! You will enlist the help of a new, large, well-trained referral army.”

In fact, when you invest in this extra effort, he says, your job search doubles as an advertisement for your business: “These are the kind of quality people we will have working in your home or office when we paint for you!”

This article was written by Mike Starling, PPC editor, and was originally published in the Fall 2019 issue of PPC. Get more free industry resources for recruitment and retention at and