paint can lid


Shur-Line® Pour & Store Gallon Paint Lid –

Make any paint job easier with the Shur-Line Pour & Store Gallon Paint Can Lid. This innovative lid offers a flexible pour spout that reduces dripping. It seals the paint can completely so you can store the paint for future use. And the spout lies flat for easy stacking.

New to the Shur-Line family of products is the Shur-Line Pour & Store Gallon Paint Lid. This innovative product solves three common problems on the job.

Pour. No spills of paint when pouring with the Pour & Store. Just put it on the paint can, open the air vent and pour with no problems.

Store. The Pour & Store spout is flexible so it folds down flat when not in use. This allows for stacking of paint cans.

Seal. The Pour & Store is also a replacement for the old metal lid. No need to find the rubber mallet or hammer because the Pour & Store will seal your paint air tight.

The Shur-Line Pour & Store Gallon Paint Lid is available at Sherwin-Williams stores nationwide.