contractor removing FrogTape from crown moulding

Four Taping Mistakes Even Seasoned Painting Pros Make

When a client hires a professional painting contractor for a job, the final results should look just that – professional. Sometimes that means taping and protecting surfaces in order to achieve the best possible results to maintain client satisfaction and a good business reputation.

Using a premium painter’s tape will help you and your crew be more efficient on the job site and ensure your work stands out above the rest, which is important in today’s competitive painting market.

By: Dan Brady, paint contractor and FrogTape® brand painter’s tape expert

As with most crews, the skill level varies from painter to painter. By using a premium, edge treated painter’s tape and following the guidelines below, you are assured sharp paint lines. Here are four quick tips that are crucial for your crew to follow to avoid painting and taping slip ups.

Surface Prep Before Taping

Don’t forget that diligent prep work is key to taping surfaces and achieving a professional look overall. After making any necessary repairs, wipe down the surfaces that will be painted. Just as paint applies better and more evenly to a clean surface, so does painter’s tape. Clean the surface of all dirt and oil with a damp cloth, and allow the area to fully dry. Grimy walls can cause paint to run, and dust and debris can keep even the best painter’s tape from adhering properly. Keep prep work a top priority to ensure that your customers get optimal end results.

Buy the Right Tape

Invest in high-quality paint tools all around. Inexpensive roller covers, brushes and painter’s tape won’t deliver that professional-looking finish that your customers are looking for when hiring – and paying for – a pro. If your customers are looking for the sharpest paint lines possible, purchasing a premium, edge-treated painter’s tape, like FrogTape® brand painter’s tape with patented PaintBlock® Technology, is your best bet for a top-notch job that will impress your clients and hopefully result in repeat and referral business. Investing in the right tape will ensure maximum protection for walls, baseboards, trim and doorways, etc., and seal out any paint bleed. Taking the extra time to tape off these areas will help safeguard from having to go back and do touch ups, which also saves you money.

Tape Application

When applying your tape, first confirm that you have enough to cover the entire area, including baseboards, window and door trim or where any color changes will take place, like an accent wall. Be careful to avoid overstretching the tape– using pieces longer than three feet can cause the tape to pull, resulting in gaps that can lead to paint bleed. Over-stretching the tape can potentially ruin your paint job, so be sure to apply with care. After the tape is applied, it is important to press it firmly to the surface with a hard plastic tool such as a burnishing tool, five-in-one tool, or putty knife to establish a tight seal that will eliminate paint bleed.

Tape Removal

Don’t be careless when removing tape. Many problems can be avoided with the proper technique. Sometimes we forget this last, easy step that can be vital to a paint job well-done –removing the painter’s tape as soon as the last coat of paint is complete. The best time to do this is while the paint is still wet; waiting until the paint is dry can actually create a “bridge” over the tape edge and tear the paint. Carefully remove the tape, pulling at a 45-degree angle away from the wall to prevent any peeling.

Sometimes we get caught up in the fast-paced world of work, multiple jobs and consulting with potential clients, making it easy to forget to complete the quick, precautionary steps that deliver the best results for a project. Taking the extra time to apply painter’s tape, and doing it correctly, won’t go unnoticed at the end of a project; you’ll be proud of your work and your clients will be satisfied.

About FrogTape® Brand Products: The FrogTape® brand, marketed by ShurTech Brands, LLC, offers premium-quality, innovative painting tapes that feature PaintBlock® Technology, a super-absorbent polymer that seals the edges of the tape which keeps paint out and keeps lines sharp. For more information on FrogTape®, visit