Spring 2017

contractor using a disposable particulate respirator with carbon embedded in the filter media Job Site Safety: A 12-Point Guide for the Pro Painter - Job site safety is crucial for both yourself and your customer. Here are some safety tips for the many types of projects and conditions you may encounter.
before and after photos of a 200-year-old church exterior in dire need of restoration Rejuvenated! - Talk about your tough coating challenges. Here was a 200-year-old church with a 15-year-old paint job and in dire need of restoration. To the rescue: an experienced contractor armed with a technologically advanced new coating specifically formulated to restore worn and damaged siding.
Titan RX-PRO Airless Spray Gun RX-PRO Airless Spray Gun is Named Vendor Product of the Year - The Titan RX-PRO Airless Spray Gun received the Sherwin-Williams 2016 Vendor Product of the Year award.
the New Britain Bees minor-league baseball stadium sporting a complex white, yellow, and black color scheme New Team, New Look! - One ball club moves out, another moves in, and a Connecticut painting contractor is there to help make it all happen.
illustrative graph of increasing revenues 4 Rules on When NOT to be cheap investing in your business - By Paige NeJame I like to sleep at night. There are just some things on which I will not be cheap. I’ve found that saving money often causes unnecessary trouble, including warranty work and the distraction from the real work at hand – growing my business.
lineup of sherwin williams high-performance coatings, including zero VOC, Emerald, Pro Industrial, ProMar 200, SuperPaint, and Rejuvenate 2017 New Product Guide: Contractor Favorites Get an Upgrade - What’s new in coatings technology to help make your job easier this year? Plenty! First, let’s take a look at these new additions and next-generation enhancements to some of your favorite coatings:
lineup of sherwin williams concrete, Pro Industrial, Loxon and block filler coatings 2017 New Product Guide: Concrete and High-Performance Coatings - In another story, we explored some of the best of new and improved architectural paint products for 2017. Now we’ll take a look for more options in advanced high performance coatings.
contractor showing off the newly redesigned sherwin williams pro app 5 Ways the New PRO App Saves Painters Time and Money - Sherwin-Williams has unveiled its latest tool for painting professionals seeking ways to work more efficiently: the all-new Sherwin-Williams PRO app.
a new oncology patient addition at Northside Hospital Healthcare: Picking the Right Paint for the Patient… and the Painter - A new oncology patient addition at Northside Hospital is one of the latest examples of a facility specifying the industry’s first EPA-registered microbicidal paint.
white aluminum oxide visible on a black gloved hand Do You Have Any Adhesion Advice for Repainting Aluminum Siding? - Answers to pro painters’ most pressing questions by Rick Watson
National Painting Week participants donating their time and skills to community projects National Painting Week: A chance to build bonds with your community - Participating in National Painting Week, from joining a project to sharing painting tips, is a great way to showcase your expertise and position you as a strong community partner. This year’s nationwide event is set for May 19-29, 2017.
Dan Cavagnaro at the helm of his own company, Golden Boys Painting Contractor Q&A: Dan Cavagnaro - Dan Cavagnaro began his painting career at the age of 19 from a master painter who based his craft on customer satisfaction, hard work and precise attention to details. More than 15 years later, he maintains those principles as a master painter at the helm of his own company, Golden Boys Painting in Rochester, New … Continue reading Contractor Q&A: Dan Cavagnaro
Chris Berry of B&K Painting Contractor Q&A: Chris Berry - The biggest turning point in the success of my business was when I started our YouTube channel, “idahopainters.” We now have over 20,000 subscribers and are averaging 8,000 video views a day. Along with my YouTube channel
I studied all I could about social media and how I could use it to increase my reach, further my brand and increase my profits.
Kevin Nolan, president of Nolan Painting Don’t Fly By the Seat of Your Pants. Do This Instead. (Video) - Want to take your business to the next level? Then see what Kevin Nolan has to say in our Pro On the Go video series:
nation’s newest triple-A baseball franchise gets an impressive new $50 million field Field of Dreams: New Ballpark Invigorates El Paso - The nation’s newest Triple-A baseball franchise. An impressive new $50 million field of dreams. Thanks to the work of contractors like Diversified Interiors, the project is a winner for both the team and the city of El Paso, Texas.
Paint Shield® FAQ: What Painters Need to Know - Paint Shield® Microbicidal Paint is redefining what paint can do. Here are answers to six common questions about this revolutionary new coating.