a new Graco Ultimate MX 1095 paint sprayer

4 Secrets to Better Sprayer Maintenance

Sprayers increase efficiency and productivity, but proper care and maintenance is crucial for the professional painting contractor. Introduce these four practices into your maintenance routine to help keep your spray equipment in optimal working condition.

1. Strain paint to prevent clogs

“Straining your paint is an easy way to prevent debris like sand, rock or paint skin from clogging spray tips or damaging your spray equipment,” says Joe May, Graco Senior Technical Product Trainer. “Simply pour paint through a strainer into another bucket before running it through your sprayer. Professional-grade spray socks or 5-gallon pail strainers are also available at your Sherwin-Williams store. They slip over the top of your paint containers and make straining paint a snap. Or, an old pair of nylons can also function as a do-it-yourself filter.”

2. Store pumps with ‘friendly’ fluids

“Don’t store water inside your pump if it will not be used for awhile,” May says. “Many components are made of steel or other metals. Letting water sit in an unused sprayer can create rust.” If freezing occurs, ice expands and creates 20,000 pounds of pressure which will ruin expensive electronic parts such as the transducers (pressure sensors). Use Pump Armour or other manufacturers’ recommended storage fluids for pump storage of more than a couple of days.

3. Keep pump fluid sections seals wetted

Regular use of pump fluid will keep your spray equipment running smoothly. May recommends daily use of TSL (Throat Seal Liquid) in Graco equipment, or pump lubricant with Titan, Wagner or Airlessco pumps when machines are in heavy use during your busy season. Note: Different brands generally require their own specific fluids, so make sure you always use the fluid recommended by the manufacturer.

4. See a leak? Don’t wait

A final money-saving idea: If you see paint leaking out of the top of your paint pumps fluid section, take it in for service immediately. “When paint starts leaking past the seals, nip it at the bud before it creates problems for other more expensive parts such as rods and cylinders,” May says. “It’s like waiting too long to change the oil in your car. You may wind up having to get other things fixed that are more costly to repair.”

Story by Mike Starling, PPC Editor. Get more details about the equipment available at the Sherwin-Williams spray equipment online catalog.