Introducing Next Generation ProClassic®

Better Than Ever: Introducing Next Generation ProClassic®

For years, ProClassic® has been the pro painter’s preferred choice for many interior trim paint applications. Its hard, durable finish makes it ideal for doors, windows, trim, furniture, and other interior residential and commercial applications. Now, Sherwin-Williams has launched Next Generation ProClassic Interior Waterbased Acrylic-Alkyd Enamel, available in the two most popular sheens for interior trim work – satin and semi-gloss.

ProClassic Interior Waterbased Acrylic-Alkyd Enamel offers the smooth, sleek finish of an alkyd enamel with the ease of a water-based acrylic formula. So when the job’s done, soap and water are all that’s needed to clean up. The hard, burnish-resistant finish lasts, letting customers wipe away fingerprints and smudges without marring the beautiful sheen for years to come.

The water-based formula also boasts lower VOCs than traditional alkyd-based enamels so it complies with strict VOC regulations. And unlike many solvent based enamels, Next Generation ProClassic Interior Waterbased Acrylic-Alkyd Enamel resists yellowing, so colors remain true over time.

Benefits for you and your customers

Whether you plan to paint residential bookshelves or commercial door trim, Next Generation ProClassic Interior Waterbased Acrylic Alkyd Enamel is an ideal choice. And it’s suitable for properly prepared interior wood, drywall, metal, concrete, and masonry surfaces.

Residential repaint contractors will notice the easy flow and leveling of the enhanced formula, and homeowners will appreciate better block resistance – allowing them to put doors, windows, and shelving back to use sooner, with less disruption to daily activities.

Bottom line

If you have previously preferred ProClassic Interior Alkyd Enamel, but are looking for a lower VOC trim coating without sacrificing the smooth, silky finish of an alkyd enamel, look no further than Next Generation ProClassic Interior Waterbased Acrylic Alkyd Enamel.

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