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Game Changers: New Airless Handhelds Bring Maximum Efficiency to the Job Site

Airless spray application is a result of atomizing the paint stream under high pressure, but without the use of supplemental compressed air. Paint flows from a spray tip at high speed and separates into a spray pattern. While airless paint spraying is an innovation introduced more than a century ago, the technology continues to evolve today as contractors seek tools and methods to maximize their jobsite efficiency.

“Airless spraying is simply a faster application method, resulting in more work completed in less time, using less labor. We’ve determined that applications using an airless sprayer are completed up to 10 times faster than using a brush, and up to four times faster than roller applications on similar surfaces,” according to Dan Johnson, Global Total Markets Manager for the Pro Paint segment at Graco.

One example of the technology evolution is Graco’s line of Ultimate Handheld sprayers. Available in corded or cordless configurations, these extremely portable yet powerful sprayers continue to build on the company’s history of product innovation as Graco was first to introduce portable airless sprayers in 1958.

“Due to the labor shortage in our industry, contractors are always looking for tools to get jobs done faster using less labor,” says Johnson. “The new technology and design features on Ultimate and Ultimate MX handheld sprayers truly change the game for painting contractors. They can now complete small jobs in the shortest time possible while delivering the same professional airless finish as their larger sprayers in a single coat without thinning.

“Airless Handhelds deliver a perfect airless finish that is smooth and consistent at any spray speed, resulting in flawless single coat quality finish,” says Johnson. “These tools are built for any job requiring up to 3 gallons of coating material. Cordless models are powered by DeWALT’s Lithium Ion batteries to provide extended spray time and the power and freedom to spray anywhere.”

Even though Graco’s Ultimate Handheld sprayers are particularly valuable in smaller spaces, these convenient sprayers are extremely helpful on any job where maximum efficiency and portability is desired. They feature the Triax Triple Piston Pump that delivers unmatched durability in a lightweight package and the ProConnect Pump Replacement System, which provides the ability to replace the pump using only a screwdriver. Additionally, the SmartControl and ProControl II features allow users to adjust and control the motor speed to meet the demands of the job.

Graco also offers a complete line of spray tips that will work on all Graco Airless sprayers and provide the versatility to deliver a professional finish on almost any job and using a variety of coatings. Reverse-A-Clean (RAC) tips offer simplified cleaning and are available in a variety of sizes.

Graco’s UltimateMX Cordless Handheld Airless Sprayer is the only product on the market capable of spraying hot solvents such as solvent-based lacquer, water-based and flammable architectural coatings.

“The best performance, finish, and reliability,” says Johnson. “Ultimate and UltimateMX Airless Handheld sprayers are the fastest way to finish smaller jobs, period.”

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