Spring 2023 Editor’s Picks: Tools to Help Increase Your Productivity and Efficiency

As part of our ongoing mission to help painting professionals maximize their jobsite productivity, each issue of PPC magazine features a roundup of some of our favorite application tools and essential job site equipment and supplies. Here are our Spring 2023 issue picks:

90-Day FloorSmart™ Tape

Trimaco’s 90-Day FloorSmart™ Tape is ideal for anchoring down surface protection products, without the risk of harming floors and surfaces. This tape is easy to tear, lays flat when applied to surfaces and can easily be repositioned with zero adhesive feedback. Leak resistant tape can be applied to multiple surfaces including factory finished hardwood, tile, cured concrete and vinyl.

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Werner® AP-2030 Aluminum Adjustable Height Pro Platform

The AP-2030 Aluminum Adjustable Height Pro Platform 300lb Load Capacity is height adjustable, providing up to a 9-foot reach. The 46-inch by 14- inch work platform size is compact and lightweight, making it easier to transport. The height adjustability and plastic bumpers allow for the Adjustable Pro Work Platform to be used on stairs without damaging finished surfaces. The work platform offers a quick setup with one-handed lock and height adjustments. The wide feet provide stability without the need for manual adjustment.

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FrogTape® High Bond Exterior Painter’s Tape™

The only painter’s tape engineered to consistently adhere to hard-to-stick to self-cleaning paint technology, saving you time and frustration on the job. This very high adhesion, exterior tape is ideal for both smooth and rough surfaces like painted wood, vinyl, aluminum, steel, brick and concrete. It’s also great for holding poly or paper in place for spraying during paint projects. FrogTape High Bond Exterior offers three-day clean removal without shredding or leaving residue behind. Plus, the conformable crepe paper backing makes it easy to mask around exterior surfaces like doorways and windows.

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Purdy® Syntox™ Brushes

Purdy Syntox brushes are made with soft, synthetic bristles to provide a mirror-like finish. From application to the final appearance of the finish, Syntox brushes offer the best results with Next Generation Emerald® Urethane Trim Enamel. With lightweight and moisture-wicking alderwood handles, these durable, long-lasting paint brushes make every painting job more efficient.

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Diamabrush™ Wood, Decks and Siding Tool

Get the fastest, most effective tool for removing stubborn coatings from wood. If your deck has years of weathered wood, failed coatings, or discoloration, the DiamabrushTM Wood, Decks, and Siding Tool can save time and money. The tool never clogs or gums up, so the project can be finished in one day without the hassle of sandpaper, chemicals, or pressure washing.

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ProBuy® specials: save 20 percent or more off list price

ProBuy® product pricing valid May 1, 2023 to June 30, 2023. Available in-store, at sherwin-williams.com and the Sherwin-Williams PRO+ app.

3M™ Chemical Splash/Impact Goggles
3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve Particulate Respirator 8511 N95
3M™ Full Face Paint Project Respirator
3M™ Particulate Respirator 8210
3M™ Scotchlite™ Construction Safety Vest Orange
3M™ SecureFit™ Safety Eyewear, cleared and mirror lenses
Contractor Series® Polyester Roller Cover
FrogTape® Delicate Surface Painter’s Tape™, various sizes and pack sizes
FrogTape® Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape™, various sizes and pack sizes
FrogTape® Pro Grade Blue Painter’s Tape™ , various sizes and pack sizes
FrogTape® Pro Grade Orange Painter’s Tape™, various sizes and pack sizes
Handy Paint Pail®
Handy Paint Tray®
Helix Paint Mixer Narrow
Purdy® Clearcut® Paint Brushes
Purdy® Powerlock™ Professional Grade Extension Pole
Simple Green® House and Siding Cleaner
SuperDeck® Deck Wash
SuperDeck® Revive® Deck and Siding Brightener
SuperDeck® Stain and Sealer Remover