The Highest Level of Interior Paint: Emerald® Designer Edition™

Looking for the ultimate interior finish for your high-end customers? New Emerald® Designer Edition™ Interior Latex paint combines the luxury of a smooth, uniform finish with Sherwin-Williams best hide yet. It’s a high-performance upgrade choice for homeowners who want the finest color with a virtually flawless appearance and outstanding resistance to water streaking and spotting.

Emerald Designer Edition was formulated to enhance the existing Emerald® line of premium paints. The new UltraWhite Base allows for brighter whites and best hide yet to deliver excellent coverage. A new gloss sheen provides exceptional finish for trim, cabinets, doors and more.

“The new base and sheen offer excellent application qualities that require less effort to achieve the superb results Sherwin-Williams customers expect,” says Rick Watson, director of product information at Sherwin-Williams. “Emerald Designer Edition is self-priming and provides excellent washability and protection against burnishing for lasting color and sheen.”

200 exclusive new colors

Along with all the regular Sherwin-Williams colors, Emerald Designer Edition offers an exclusive selection of brand-new hues. Paint pros and their customers can choose from a selection of 200 exclusive new colors — including brighter whites — within five color collections that deliver exceptional application, hide and finish.

To make color selection even easier, your customers now have the ability to order up to 10 free 2×3-inch color chips online delivered right to their home by visiting the Sherwin-Williams website at

“Customers have been asking for brighter whites, just-right blues and greens, complex grays and beiges, and more muted tones of classic hues,” says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “What we’ve created perfectly rounds out our current selection of neutral options and chromatic colors. Beyond color, our new formula helps achieve a showstopping transformation.”

You can view all the new colors available in these five color collections here:

Bottom line: Be the best in your market!

To sum up, here are four ways Emerald Designer Edition Interior Latex paint will help you differentiate yourself from the competition:

1. Saves time and money

Emerald Designer Edition offers the convenience of self-priming with excellent application qualities that require less effort to achieve superb results.

2. Increases customer satisfaction

The ultra-smooth, uniform finish results in a virtually flawless appearance that is the finest yet from Sherwin-Williams.

3. Provides next-level performance

Emerald Designer Edition provides excellent washability and protection against burnishing for lasting color and sheen.

4. Offers exclusive new colors

Turn your customers on to the 200 brand-new colors available exclusively in Emerald Designer Edition.

See the complete line of interior coatings, get data sheets, read product reviews and more at the Sherwin-Williams contractor website.