Xtend+Climb® – Innovative Climbing Solutions!

Xtend+Climb® is the worldwide leader in climbing innovation and largest manufacturer of telescoping ladders. For more than 18 years we have consistently delivered the safest, easiest-to-use solutions for professional and residential DIY customers alike.

In 2000, Xtend+Climb® set a new standard with our signature telescoping ladder – Signature True Telescoping Technology™ – allowing our products to extend smoothly and lock completely at your desired height for unmatched versatility and safety. Today we continue to lead the industry with innovation, safety and positive customer impact.

Safety comes first! Xtend+Climb® ladders meet and exceeds the new ANSI-ASC 14.2 – 2017. The new standards improve safety for all telescoping ladder users.

Our ladders are storable, transportable, lightweight and easy to use especially in confined spaces. Perfect solution for professional painters, contractors and DIY’ers.