a new Graco Ultimate MX 1095 paint sprayer


The Graco BlueLink Job & Sprayer Management System provides real-time jobsite and sprayer information to help you save time and manage your business more efficiently.

BlueLink connects the people and equipment that drive your business in a completely new way. BlueLink pairs a powerful mobile app with Bluetooth-enabled Graco sprayers to provide jobsite and sprayer information in real-time.

Whether on the jobsite, at the office, or anywhere in between, BlueLink provides the critical information large and small contractors need everyday — including real-time jobsite access, instant maintenance alerts, on-demand productivity reports and much more! The app is simple, free to use and does not include any monthly contracts.

Experience the benefits of BlueLink:

Painters on the Job

  • Easily view live sprayer performance on your phone
  • Enter daily job & maintenance
  • Faster service from Graco

Managers on the Go

  • See where your sprayers are
  • Know job productivity from anywhere
  • Manage paint and supply deliveries for your crew
  • Verify estimated profits with historical job data

To learn more, visit www.graco.com/BlueLink.