Summer 2019 advertorial image - Bercom HANDy Pro Pail

Bercom HANDy Pro Pail

Designed with the professional painter in mind, the “big brother” to the original HANDy Paint Pail – the HANDy Pro Pail – has all the features to make any painting project easier!

“The Pro Pail is a direct reflection of listening to our customers and implementing their feedback to create the best product possible,” said Bercom president, Jeff Given. “We’re proud to introduce a product that will make the painting jobs of our customers – both professionals and DIYers – easier.”

The HANDy Pro Pail is designed to accommodate up to a 6.5-inch mini-roller or three-inch paintbrush, allowing for easy transitions from rolling to brushing.

It will hold more than a quart of paint or stain, making it a must-have product for painting contractors. To deter hand fatigue for painters tackling tough projects, the inclusion of a comfortable adjustable strap, as well as a mini-roller or paintbrush handle rest, was incorporated into the new HANDy Pro Pail.

Like many of Bercom’s popular painting accessories, the HANDy Pro Pail has a custom-fit liner available for purchase. Manufactured in the United States from 100 percent recycled materials, HANDy Pro Pail Liners are solvent resistant to allow painters to work with any paint or stain. HANDy Pro Pail Liners make color changes a breeze while eliminating unnecessary cleanup time.

The HANDy Pro Pail and Liners are available at all Sherwin-Williams stores nationwide.