How to Choose the Right Tape for the Job

How to Choose the Right Tape for the Job

Tips for choosing the right tape for a specific job, from the experts at 3M:

Adhesion and surface

  • The tape’s adhesion level should correlate to the type of surface you’re planning to mask.
  • Delicate surfaces like wallpaper and fresh paint require tapes with lower adhesion.
  • Rough surfaces like brick or concrete require more aggressive tapes with higher adhesion.

Length of time

  • Consider the number of days needed to complete the job.
  • Then be sure you understand the clean removal time specified by the tape manufacturer.

Environmental conditions

  • Temperatures between 50°F and 100°F are ideal for application.
  • Clean, dry conditions are optimal.
  • Cool temperatures, sunlight and UV rays can affect some tapes’ adhesive properties.
  • Uncured paint (paint that hasn’t cured for at least 30 days): be sure to use a painter’s tape that’s designed for delicate surfaces. And test the area prior to use.

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