Gina Koert: The Rewards of Being a Professional Painter

Gina Koert on the Rewards of Being a Professional Painter

What’s the most rewarding part of being a professional painting contractor? For Gina Koert, president of Shamrock Painting, Inc. in Denver, Colorado, it’s playing a part in shaping the skyline in her home town.

“The most rewarding part about what I do is I get to watch a project, especially on the commercial side, come from a blueprint all the way up to it being built in place,” she says. “It’s rewarding when I walk down through my city and I can say, ‘Yeah, I’ve painted that hospital,’ or ‘Look, Mommy did this school.'”

Koert is a second-generation painter, following in the footsteps of her father who founded Shamrock Painting in 1991. The company focuses on commercial and light industrial projects in Denver and the Front Range region of Colorado. Some clients include FedEx, General Motors, Hyatt, St. Anthony Hospital, the University of Colorado and the Denver Broncos.

“It’s very satisfying to see the growth in the city we’re experiencing in Denver and seeing that these were finished by my crews,” she adds. “To see it come from paper to the final thing is absolutely amazing. It’s one of the most rewarding things. And then you go on to the next and you experience that again. It’s just a neat opportunity.”

Koert went to college for business and architecture, and she previously shared some tips for dealing with architects with the readers of PPC magazine.

This article was originally published on June 18, 2018. Gina Koert was interviewed for the Pro on the Go video series by Mike Starling, PPC Editor. Watch more videos in the series on the Sherwin-Williams contractor website.