5 gallon pail of Dynamite 234 Premium Grade Heavy Duty Clear Wallcovering Adhesive


Dynamite – From airports and business parks to hotels and hospitals, professional wallcovering installers throughout the world count on Dynamite® 234 strippable wallcovering adhesive. Dynamite 234 is formulated for hanging everything from the most delicate to the most difficult. It’s ideal for pasting machines and can be stirred to the desired consistency.

Dynamite, the leader in wallcovering adhesives

One might think that Dynamite® 234 Premium Grade Heavy Duty Clear Wallcovering Adhesive would be too brawny for delicate wallcoverings like silk, grasscloth and strings. Yes, Dynamite 234 is a super strong high solids formulation, delivering great adhesion to the most heavyweight vinyl wallcoverings. So how can Dynamite 234 manage the heavyweight coverings and gently support the delicate materials too? As the result of a unique manufacturing process, Dynamite 234 has a very distinct advantage. This exceptional adhesive can be stirred to the desired consistency to support a wide range of materials. As is, the heavy bodied adhesive can hoist heftier materials up to 40 oz. By simply stirring this versatile adhesive, the installer can decrease the viscosity as needed. Dynamite 234 is the multi-talented clear wallcovering adhesive that professionals choose for commercial projects all over the world.

In addition to Dynamite 234’s ability to support Commercial Grade Type I, II and III wallcoverings, this clear adhesive offers a number of key benefits. With superior wet tack and slip, Dynamite 234 facilitates proper positioning of wallcoverings. Long open time provides for easier installation when double cutting. Dynamite 234 is easy to roll on and ideal for pasting machines. It’s also strippable.

Dynamite 234 Premium Grade Heavy Duty Clear Wallcovering Adhesive is manufactured in the USA and available at Sherwin-Williams stores nationwide. Learn more at gardnercoatings.com.