an 8 pound box of Buffalo painter’s rag wipers

Buffalo Industries

Buffalo Painter’s Rags are washed, white, cotton t-shirt wipers. They are absorbent, colorfast and low-linting… the preference of painters. These wipers are generously cut in large usable-sized pieces. NO SCRAPS or irregular-sized pieces! They are ideal for painting, staining, varnishing, and general jobsite and tool cleanup.

Buffalo Painter’s Rags

Buffalo Painter’s Rags are colorfast. They have no color to bleed when wiping any surface, either with or without solvents. Buffalo cloth wipers are washed, recycled material that are low linting, absorbent and more durable than paper.

Buffalo Painter’s Rags are available in both 8 lb. and 20 lb. boxes. Convenient dispensing holes allow pulling out just one rag at a time compared to other packaging.

All Buffalo wiper boxes are durable and convenient to move from jobsite to jobsite.