Photo of a small dog on hardwood floors

What’s the Best Trim and Stair Paint for Dog Owners?

Answers to pro painters’ most pressing questions by Rick Watson

Which paint should I use for wood trim and stairs? I want something that will clean up easily and will not get chipped from the dogs’ paws.

Four shelties in my house, so I know the feeling. The most durable solution will be products like water-based urethane modified alkyd and/or acrylic-alkyd for trim work and doors. For the stairs, a glossy finish on the steps would be durable, but the glossy finish could cause the dogs to slip as they run up and down the stairs.

Two ways around this:

  1. Put a runner down the middle and just paint the edges.
  2. Use a good floor enamel and add slip-resistant aggregate to it.

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This article was originally published in the Spring 2016 issue of PPC magazine. Rick Watson, director of Product Information and Technical Services at Sherwin-Williams, answers questions from pro painters in the Ask Your ProPartner™ column in PPC magazine.

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