SuperDeck® Solid Color Exterior Stain

This premium acrylic latex coating is fortified with an extreme bonding alkyd resin that primes and penetrates wood for outstanding adhesion. As a topcoat and primer in one, it offers rich color and durable protection for new deck projects and for recoating projects, too

SuperDeck Solid Color Stain is a 100% acrylic product offering easy soap-and-water cleanup. Its high-performance formula is easy to work with and formulated to create a finish that lasts, resisting scuffs, mars and the growth of mildew and algae. Tannin-blocking properties keep stain color true over time, and even chalky substrates can’t affect its adhesion.

Because it’s virtually opaque, it offers tremendous hide and coverage. Perfect for any exterior wood project, it tints to 85 colors and is part of the SuperDeck Deck Care System of professional-grade products for every stage of the project. Available exclusively at Sherwin-Williams.