Precision-Fiber® Cloth (PFC®) Paint & Cleaning Rags


Precision-Fiber® Cloth (PFC®) Paint & Cleaning Rags

Professional painters know that a premium quality wiping cloth is imperative to completing a job quickly and is the one painter’s tool no painter can do without. Intex’s PFC® Paint & Cleaning Rags offer game-changing performance and affordability.

PFC® Paint & Cleaning Rags are all the same size, same bright white color and each pack contains the same number of lint-free and solvent-resistant rags. Made from natural fibers and super strong polymers, PFC® is super soft like a t-shirt, yet incredibly strong… even when wet. Precision-Fiber® Cloth is super absorbent and easily rinses for reuse and they are machine washable. PFC® can be used in all liquids including water, paint, oil and solvents. Best yet, PFC® is Made in the USA.

Specially manufactured in a patent pending process to be the best paint and cleaning rag available

  • Lint-free
  • Super absorbent
  • Incredibly strong… even wet
  • Solvent resistant, yet safe for hands and face
  • Made in the USA
  • Can be used for all painting, staining or cleanup jobs

Precision-Fiber® Cloth (PFC®) Paint & Cleaning Rags are available at Sherwin-Williams. For more in-depth information on PFC® please visit us at