Top New Tools for Pro Painters in 2021

In this article, we take our annual look at all the best new equipment and supplies available for pro painters. This year, that includes a powerful new cordless sprayer, a lightweight new 3-in-1 ladder, a strong new high visibility orange masking tape, new premium 14-inch roller cover frames and a durable, slip-resistant drop cloth product.

Graco® NOVA 390 Cordless stationary sprayer

Graco’s NOVA series sprayers are exclusive to Sherwin-Williams, and the new NOVA 390 PC Cordless is the first high-performance airless sprayer on the market built to spray anywhere with freedom from power cords, electrical outlets or generators.

For years, painting contractors have had to deal with power and portability challenges on jobsites. The NOVA 390 PC Cordless combines multiple patented technologies to provide the ideal portable solution by combining high performance spraying with long battery run time.

The unique RAC X™ Low Pressure SwitchTip™ provides a professional airless finish at lower pressures while the compact, brushless DC motor delivers higher efficiency and consistent performance.

Plus, the high-capacity DeWalt® FlexVolt® batteries allow contractors to setup where they want, deliver three gallons of spraying power per charge and charge in under 60 minutes. It comes with two batteries for consistent, all-day spraying.

Additionally, the NOVA 390 PC Cordless is the lightest weight, high-performance professional airless sprayer on the market so it’s easier to move around the jobsite to always finish jobs faster.

“The 390 PC Cordless is a game changer, delivering the proven performance our contractors depend on – now without the struggle of inadequate or absent power, allowing for improved portability and convenience to get jobs done faster to maximize profit,” says Jake Kramber, Product Marketing Manager at Graco.

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Werner® LeanSafe® X3 3-in-1 ladder

The lightweight new Werner Aluminum LeanSafe X3 packs the functionality of three useful ladders into one OSHA-compliant package. In addition to convenience, the Aluminum LeanSafe X3 offers stability and durability thanks to Werner’s innovative engineering.

With the Aluminum LeanSafe X3, one ladder can easily adapt into three different setups: for use as a step ladder, straight ladder or leaning ladder. At six feet tall, it’s simple to store and transport, while providing a maximum reach height of about 13 feet.

Ergonomic one-handed levers and the all-in-one ladder top allow for seamless position changes, without the need for additional adjustments or buttons.

Thoughtfully designed for working pros, it can be used against corners, studs, poles and other vertical work surfaces. Non-marring rubber feet and leaning pads ensure that using this three-in-one ladder does not damage floors or walls, while the compact rear rails fit between standard framing studs, bringing users closer to their work.

The LeanSafe X3 top also has a magnetic tool tray and a paint hook, keeping important materials secure and close at hand. With the solid construction and a simple hinge mechanism,
the ladder can support 300 pounds (including the user and materials) in all three of its positions.

“Non-conventional stepladders continue to gain traction in the industry because of their focus on ladder versatility and convenience,” says Kelly Markle, product manager at Werner. “The Aluminum LeanSafe X3 is incredibly easy to use, aids in productivity, and helps worksites stay safe and compliant in a wide-range of use cases. It’s a product that will help pros accomplish more at a great value.”

Scotch® Heavy Duty Masking Tape 2020+

Scotch Heavy Duty Masking Tape 2020+ features a high visibility orange color with a thick, robust backing.
This new masking product is formulated with a strong adhesive that bonds aggressively, yet has a smooth unwind. The tape holds to interior and exterior surfaces for up to three days and then removes easily without leaving any sticky residue behind.

The manufacturers recommend waiting until the paint is dry to the touch before removing the tape. Lift it up by slowly pulling it back on itself, then removing at a 45-degree angle.

For great paint results make sure the surface is clean, dry and dust-free so that the tape sticks properly. Next, apply the tape onto the surface while pressing down firmly as you go. And lastly, let the tape set for about 30 to 60 minutes before painting.

Designed for interior or exterior jobsite paint masking applications on non-damageable surfaces, Scotch Heavy Duty Masking Tape 2020+ is recommended for use with or on lacquer coatings and for use on vinyl, carpet, metal, and plastic.

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Trimaco Smart Grip® Dropcloth

120 percent more slip resistant than a traditional 8-ounce canvas dropcloth, Trimaco’s Smart Grip® Dropcloth is a lightweight yet durable fabric dropcloth.

American-made with an absorbent fabric top and a leak-resistant and grippy backing, this white dropcloth is a safe solution that provides protection against paints, stains, dust and dirt.

It is lightweight and easy to handle, while still providing dependable surface protection. For maximum protection against leaks and to reduce tracking and slipping, use the non- woven side up and the coated, grippy side down.

The Smart Grip Slip-Resistant Dropcloth can be used to protect various surfaces such as hardwoods, tile, vinyl, concrete, furniture and more from all paints and stains.

A 4×10-foot runner is available from Sherwin-Williams stores and website. An 8×12-foot size is available by special order.

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Purdy® Revolution 14-inch roller frames

Purdy® Revolution™ 14-inch roller frames are premium lightweight and durable roller cover frames that will enable you to be 55 percent more productive.

The Quick Connect feature allows this frame to be used with the Purdy Power Lock™ pole or connect to any standard acme-threaded pole.

The Revolution frame also features quick and easy roller cover release. The frame design provides ultra- smooth rolling action and allows pros to paint closer to edges.

In addition, the lightweight design and ergonomic comfort grip handle helps to reduce arm fatigue. The frame fits all 14-inch roller covers.

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This article was originally published in the Summer 2021 issue of PPC magazine. Sherwin-Williams is a one-stop source for everything you need for all your projects. Stop by your local store or visit their online paint equipment catalog to get the best tools for your jobs.