Summer 2021 Editor’s Picks: Tools to Help You Work Easier and Faster

As part of our ongoing mission to help painting professionals maximize their jobsite productivity, each issue of PPC features a roundup of some of our favorite application tools and essential job site equipment and supplies. Here are our Summer 2021 issue picks:

Purdy® Painter’s Pail

Easier to carry than a paint bucket, this pail has multiple grip options, including a flexible bail and coffee cup-style side grip which can help reduce hand fatigue. The roller grid/rest fits up to 4.5-inch mini rollers, adding to job site productivity, while a strong magnet allows users to rest their brush in or out of the paint. Liners are available separately and provide quick and easy cleanup. Learn more

FibaFuse® Paperless Drywall Tape

This paperless drywall tape is easy to install and creates stronger joints compared to paper tape. (It’s 76 percent stronger than paper tape.) The porous design eliminates bubbles and blisters, allowing compound to flow the tape for a stronger bond. Learn more

Spring Tools® Paint Pro Pak

Excellent hammerless solution for setting and countersinking finish nails as well as removing door pins. Just firmly hold the tool tip on whatever surface you are aiming for, pull the other end back and let it snap. Generates up to 3500 pounds of impact striking force with pinpoint accuracy. Perfect for tight spaces where a hammer is just too large.

DeWitt® PolyTuf®Collapsible Trash Can

Made of a heavy-duty, tear-resistant PolyTuf fabric, the PolyTuf Collapsible Trash Can offers compact cleanup for paint pros. It works great to keep the jobsite clean where there is painting and wallpaper, drywall, carpentry, electrical, ceiling, and carpet
and tile. Learn more

ScotchBlue® Sharp Lines Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape

Whether you’re protecting your wood trim, painted walls, tile floor, or glass windows, this versatile multi surface tape can stay on surfaces for up to 21 days and then removes easily without leaving any sticky residue behind. Features Edge Lock Technology that seals out paint. Learn more

These products are available at Sherwin-Williams stores. Visit the Sherwin-Williams contractor website for a full list of painting equipment and supplies.