Keep Projects on Track All Season Long with New Weather-Adaptive Latitude™ Exterior Acrylic Paint

Mother Nature can wreak havoc on exterior paint jobs, causing weather delays and limiting the painting season when temperatures are too extreme for standard exterior coatings.

New Latitude™ Exterior Acrylic with ClimateFlex Technology™ helps keep projects on schedule with advanced technology that resists early moisture and maintains high performance standards despite temperature extremes.

Here are the key benefits of using this new exterior paint from Sherwin-Williams:

Deliver stunning results

Durable finish protects against peeling, cracking and dirt pickup in extreme climates – to keep the finish looking fresh.

Get a premium finish in fewer coats

Outstanding hide, coverage and block resistance make it easy to achieve a nearly flawless finish.

Avoid weather delays

Develops early moisture resistance in as little as 30 minutes – so you can paint with confidence even when rain or heavy dew is forecasted.

Extend your painting season

Applies smoothly even when air, surface and material temperatures are as low as 35°F or as high as 120°F.

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