Are You Ready for Exterior Season?

11 products that can maximize your productivity on the job site

Depending on where you live, exterior season is either just around the corner or already here. While that’s great news for your business, exterior painting comes with its own distinct needs and challenges.

Thankfully, we’ve done the prep work for you. Check out our checklist of 11 products you and your crews should keep stocked this season to maximize your quality and productivity.

Purdy® Pro-Extra®: Purdy’s Pro-Extra line of brushes holds more paint so that you can work more efficiently. These all-around brushes are perfect for use with latex paints and primers and work great for siding board and concrete block.

Purdy® Chinex® Elite: The Chinex Elite line from Purdy comes pre-flagged for better coverage and fast application. You’ll find that a Chinex Elite is a great choice when working with heavy-bodied paints and on rough surfaces like stucco and brick.

Purdy® White Bristle: Known for their ultra-smooth finish, Purdy’s White Bristle brushes pair best with oil-based stains and clears, making them perfect for decks and wood furniture.

FrogTape® High Bond Exterior Painter’s Tape: This high-adhesion tape is built for the outdoors, working on both smooth and rough surfaces like painted wood, vinyl, aluminum, steel, brick and concrete. And with its ability to stick to self-cleaning paint products like Emerald® Rain Refresh™ Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint and the new WoodScapes® Rain Refresh™ Solid Color Stain, it’s a great choice for exteriors.

Purdy® Marathon®: Of the different roller options, Marathon features the most durable cover that won’t mat down. That makes it a great choice for latex or oil paints and primers, and for rolling on drywall, concrete, masonry, and decks.

Purdy® Colossus: Purdy’s Colossus rollers are extremely durable and resistant to abrasion. If you’re working on masonry, stucco, or rough wood this summer, a Colossus roller will make the job much easier.

Werner® LEANSAFE® X3 Aluminum 3-in-1 Multi-Position Ladder: Why bother carrying three different ladders to the job site when one will do the trick? Part of Sherwin-Williams PRO+ductive Solutions, this innovative ladder can transition seamlessly from a step ladder to a straight ladder and into a leaning ladder. The all-in-one top features a tool bin and magnet, and is made of non-marring rubber to protect work surfaces from getting damaged.

ProVision Tools PiViT® Ladder Tool: ProVision Tools’ lightweight ladder leveler can be set up in seconds to provide a ladder platform on uneven surfaces like stairs, sloped earth, and asphalt shingle roofs up to 7/12 pitch.

Werner® Van Rack: Does your vehicle have a good racking system for transporting ladders to the job sites? If not, that can be easily fixed with Werner’s steel Van Rack. This rack has a load capacity of 600 pounds, can be installed with little effort, and comes with pre-drilled uprights and rust-preventing silicone sealant.

Mi-T-M® Work Pro® 3200 Pressure Washer: Engineered to handle demanding cleaning jobs, Mi-T-M’s Work Pro pressure washer features easy maneuverability, dependable performance, and an integrated nozzle holder.

Purdy® Criss Cross Wire Brush: This premium wire brush features a criss-cross bristle design that removes paint and rust two times faster. The brush also has a removeable scraper for corner work, as well as multiple grip positions that can help reduce fatigue on long summer workdays.

Purdy® Premium Carbide Scraper: When more aggressive scraping is necessary, you’ll be glad to have this tool on hand. Built with a rubberized ergonomic grip to prevent slipping and increase comfort, Purdy’s Premium Carbide Scraper features a heavy-duty long-lasting blade that won’t gouge your working surface.

With these products in your arsenal, you’ll be equipped for any challenge exterior season sends your way.