Perfect Color

Here’s how we ensure you’ll receive reliable, consistent color solutions

As a professional painting contractor, you know how much color matters. Seamless touchups and consistent color brilliance that meet and exceed customer expectations can elevate your business to higher levels of success and profitability.

Conversely, the consequences of color imperfections and inconsistency can range from costly callbacks to negative reviews.

And that’s exactly why Sherwin-Williams invests significant resources into ensuring that color accuracy and consistency come standard with every gallon. Here’s how we ensure you and your customers find the perfect color solution, every time.

Manufacturing control. Sherwin-Williams paint is manufactured at a Sherwin-Williams facility. There are no third-party manufacturers. We engineered the formula to create it, fine-tuned the processes to produce it, and employ the people who ensure it meets our standards — and yours — time and time again. Color results in third-party-produced paint can show variances, and don’t face the level of scrutiny faced by a Sherwin-Williams product, which will always be produced with colorants that deliver tints you can rely on.

Advanced technology. ColorSnap® Precision is Sherwin-Williams exclusive, proprietary technology for ensuring exceptional color accuracy and consistency. Color formulas are engineered to deliver gallon-to-gallon, coast-to-coast consistency across 4,300-plus store locations, and personnel are trained to properly tint and provide in-store custom matching for every gallon of paint you buy. Additionally, ColorSnap® Precision enables you to match colors to almost anything, from competitor paint products to furnishings and fabrics.

Tools that deliver. The ColorSnap® Match handheld color-matching tool delivers on-the-spot color matching for you and your customers. Scan colors from any item or texture with the lightweight tool, then instantly find the closest matching Sherwin-Williams paint color. The device, which is sold exclusively at Sherwin-Williams stores, connects to the free ColorSnap match app via Bluetooth. The device is equipped with its own light source, saves scans, and shows Sherwin-Williams color palettes to deliver an easy and affordable color-matching experience that you can share with your customer with confidence. Additionally, the Color Toolkit from Sherwin-Williams can help ease your customer’s color selection journey. You can share colors with your customers, see what the most popular trending Sherwin-Williams colors are, order free color chips online, and schedule time with a Sherwin-Williams color expert. To get the exclusive Color Toolkit, just download the PRO+ app from Google Play or the App Store.