Top 10 New Tools for Painters for 2015

From coatings and wallcoverings to brushes, rollers, ladders, spray equipment, clothing and more, Sherwin-Williams is a one-stop source for everything you need on your next project. Here’s a look at the latest advances in application equipment and other tools to help make your jobs easier and crews more productive in 2015.

1. Titan™ FlexSpray Handheld Sprayer
  • All fan pattern controls are on the gun
  • 10 times the life of other handheld sprayers
  • Easy to use and clean without tools
  • Includes carrying case, extra air filters and nozzle seals
  • Available exclusively at Sherwin-Williams stores
2. Purdy® Power Lock Extension Pole
  • Universal tip works with both Purdy quick connect frames and standard acme threaded frames
  • Patent-pending locking mechanism that lasts 2 times longer than leading competitive pin lock poles
  • Custom adjustment – no holes in the aluminum will allow pole to lock at any point
  • Shock absorbent base rubber grip prevents fiberglass blowout
  • Available in five sizes: 1-2 foot, 2-4 foot, 4-8 foot, 6-12 foot, and 8-16 foot
3. Purdy® Clearcut Elite Ultra Stiff Brush
  • “Ultra Stiff” formulation provides ultimate performance and cut-in ability
  • Tynex Nylon and durable Orel Polyester bristles maintain their form after every use
  • Alder wood handle and stainless steel rust-resistant ferrule
  • Available in six different sizes and styles:
    • 2-inch Bow Flat Sash
    • 2-inch Angle Sash Glide
    • 2-1/2-inch Angle Sash Glide
    • 3-inch Angle Sash Glide
    • 3-inch Pip Semi-Oval
    • 3-inch Swan Flat Sash
4. Graco® ProConnect Endurance Pump Removal and Installation System
  • Ability to remove sprayer pump and replace it in seconds
  • Eliminates costly jobsite downtime
  • Ability to have a spare pump at all times
  • One pump fits all small and mid-sized Graco electric sprayers
  • Replacement pump sold individually at any Sherwin-Williams store
5. Werner® ProPodium Fiberglass Ladder 3 Step
  • Same reach height as a 5-foot stepladder
  • 4x Work Zone to reach all directions
  • Extra-large platform for long standing comfort
  • LOCKTOP extended guardrail securely wraps around work zone and holds an arsenal of tools
  • EDGE 360 includes an integrated rail shield, EDGE bracing and oversized foot pads
6. 3M Pro Grade Precision Ultraflex Retail Pack
  • Ultra flexible sanding sheets
  • Use wet or dry
  • Lasts 15 times longer
  • 10 times better cut
  • Puncture, tear and crease resistant
  • Clog resistant
  • Available in 150 and 220 grit
7. RollA Bucket and Bucket Grid
  • Paint bucket on wheels with steering capability
  • Maneuvers easily over carpet and tarps
  • Increases productivity by reducing physical strain
  • Saves time and money
  • Sturdy design
  • Bucket Grid removes the excess paint off of the roller
  • Patent-pending grid is specially designed to secure in place for RollA Bucket
  • Top of grid has black tabs at each end that can be pushed out to secure grid in place
  • Triangle-shaped notches at the bottom of the bucket for grid to rest behind to keep paint grid in place
8. Trimaco E-Z Floor Guards
  • Applies adhesive plastic film “shoe cover” to shoes and boots
  • Quick and easy to use – don’t have to bend over to apply
  • Plastic film is recyclable
  • Step, pull and tear to fit – fits any size shoe or boot
  • Can apply multiple layers – add another layer each time you go outside and return to worksite without having to remove or bend over
  • More economical than traditional shoe covers
  • One roll of film covers up to 250 pairs of shoes
  • Specially formulated, tough, durable plastic and adhesive
  • Adhesive works even when shoe is dirty or wet
9. Sherwin-Williams® 1050QD Quick Dry Siliconized Acrylic Latex Caulk
  • Paintable in 30 minutes
  • Good flexibility, crack-resistant
  • Exceeds the performance requirements of ASTM
  • Water and weather-
  • Cured sealant is mildew resistant
  • Interior/exterior
  • Water cleanup
10. Adhesives Technology Miracle Bond Easy Flow
  • New improved formula for use in standard caulk tools
  • Fix and fill broken concrete, rotted wood and more
  • Epoxy formula cures stronger than concrete
  • Cures in damp and wet conditions

This article was originally published in the Summer 2015 issue of PPC magazine. Visit the online equipment catalog for a complete list of painting equipment and supplies available at Sherwin-Williams.